- The one !

         im not gonna say " I told you so " ....
         men tänk efter o läs liiiide längre ner
         så kommeru säkert förstå vad det är
         jag egentligen försöker säga ;) ...

mr.drizzy har blivit nominerad till TVÅ grammys !
fattar ni vad det är när man nt ens har släppt ett
album officielt ? han har skapat sin buzz all by himself
och jag är så sjukt stolt ! det känns som en gammal
vän har lyckats och jag är överlycklig för hans skull :D
han är ett geni i mina ögon, och även om han nt vinner
så spelar d ingen roll för han blev fuckin nominerad and
he aint even got an album out ? försök du med nått sånt...
   - han förtjänar en standing ovation, minst !


" My name is drizzy, and i aint perfect,
  but i work hard, so i deserve it " 
Unstoppable (remix) ft Lil Wayne & Santigold

" sweatpants, hair tied, chillin with no makeup on
  thats when ur the prettiest, i hope that u dont take it wrong "
Best I ever had - den han är nominerad för !
" everybody talk & everybody listen,
  and somehow the truth just always comes up missing "
Say whats real -> skitbra text, youtuba den...
" i cant even find the perfect brush
  so i can paint whats going thru my mind "
Brand New -> ett måste!
" they ask why i let her go out alone,
  i say i dont feel no pressure cus i know shes comin home "
- she just wanna dance ft trey, youtuba den, den är grym!
" when the lights dont glow the same way that they used to
  and i finally get a moment to myself, i will realise u were
  everything im missing, and u tell me ur inloved with someone
  else, so can u do me a favour if i pull it together make it 
  sooner than later, we wont be here forever and i realised i 
  waited to long, but please dont move on, u dont need no one else

  the girl or the world 
  you see someone gotta loose,
  i thought i could have it all,
  do i really gotta choose  
  what good is all the cash, if it doesnt buy time
  and what good is being famous, if im never on ur mind
  so ima dust my shirt, fix my pants,
  cus i better look good girl if this my chance "
sooner than later - en av de bästa låtarna han gjort
" all u gotta do is come real, shawty whats the deal,
  dont think that just cus ur simple that u lose ur appeal,
  i woulndt have it any other way, all u gotta do is come real
/ Come Real ft Kyoko
" im still myself, suicidebars i kill myself
  charge it to the game i bill myself
  and i dont feel yall but i feel myself

  i can hear the critics talkin over the applause 
  i try to tell em future let em know
  send the haters all my love, X and O 
  i got a blackbox where suggestion go
  but i dont really give a fuck its probably best u know
  my reality is brighter than ur dreams are
  i got ur dreamgirl rinding in ur dreamcar
  and the visiual is stunning, 
  i hope they document what im becoming,

/ congratulations - youtuba den...
" it may not mean nuthin to yall
  but understand nuthin was done for me
  so i dont plan on stoppin at all
  i want this shit forever man "
/ forever ft lil wayne & kid-kid, nt videoversionen.
" she tell me shes in hell, I tell her take a breather
  Im nothing like your man, But I cant love you neither
  it's wifey over bitches but money's over her 
  cuz money's under nothing my life is such a blur 
  its not the way it has to go its just what I perfer 
  and any young money nigga I know would concur
/ I can take ur girl ft Lil Wayne & kid-kid... bästa!
" im still fly im skyhigh and i dare anybody to tryna cut my wings
  im still pullin out the phantom and theese haters cant stand em
  ni**a im still doin my thing
  im still fly im skyhigh and i dare anybody to tryna cut my wings
  im still shuttin citys down everytime i come around
  ni**a im still doin my thing, im still...

  shout goes out to get it muthafucker i am ready
  and whoever got the torch just cant seem to hold it steady

  please start doing u, ive been doing me
  and im a staple in my city u can never ruin me
  rappers are emotional, critics be reweing me 
  but i got love for everybody even if u suing me 

  life is good everything is just fine
  i am so sure of my rhymes i can sacrifice a line like
  nanana naanaa naa naaa naanaanaa nana anana
/ Im still fly -> its a must...
" and what are all your names again we drunk remind us 
  are any of y'all into girls like I am les-bi-honest 

  she wants me she wants me 
cause I got it all shawty tell me what you don't see 

  weed and alcohol seem to satisfy us all, damn 
  and every time I think of staying with her 
  she bring that friend around that make a ni**a reconsider
/ every girl - young money !
ni**a Im the man, I sent your girl message
  said I see you when I can
  she send me one back but I aint never read it
  cause pussies only pussy and I get it when I need it
/ November 18th ...
" im a good dude take pride in that "
/ Replacement girl ...
i did it all on my own, turned a chair to a thrown, im a king in this world (stunt hard)
  i put my whole city on to some things that they never would've known if I didn't (stunt hard)
  and every night its a premiere if I ever dissapear best believe im cumin back (stunt hard)
  got rich went broke and got rich again on that same shit again all I ever do is (stunt hard)

  Keep an eye on the door focus on my arrival,
  Who do you look up to when your better than your idols?
  And how you 'posed to look when you do it wit ya eyes closed?
  Im everything you just haven't become. I spend my time tryna outdo what hasn't been done "

  That's why I spend thousands on bottles so I can pop them.
  And take photos wit hater niggas and crop them. I am not them. I photoshop them, out.
  Cus they don't understand what im bout
/ Stunt Hard ! ft Lil Wayne & Kid-Kid ...

Stuntin ft Lil Wayne är en låt jag kan lyssna på tusen gånger om och om igen!
enjoy it, learn it, sing along n like it :D !!

Here I go, Im a rapper turned singer
And you can tell that he smoke, but I don't need my vocal cords all I hit is C-Notes
N.E.R.D flow, i spaz if im prevoked
I'm about to change the fuckin game, pass the re-mote
Money is everythang, and its every other thing
I'm part of the choir, its the motto that my brotha sang
Cash is the right now, women are post game
Money-over-bitches dot com check the domain
It's comin too soon, album on the way
People ask me if I pray, I say yeah once in a blue moon
Oops I mean a red moon... I did it again to 'em
Let me leave a space in for your blood affiliation
I say, heavy metaphors, flow so over weight
I can rap around these other youngins like a cobra snake
Frost bite drizzy nigga, nobody as cold as Drake
Keep yo ass in-line, don't be tryin to roller skate
Fuck all the discreet shit, I get on some deep shit
I am twenty-one tell me who do I compete with?
I'm on my elite shit, you can tell I'm real cause I'm getting hood lovin I ain't even talkin' street shit
Young angel, young lion and I'm done tryin
I'm just doin, who's drinkin cause I'm buyin
It's on meee, everything is on meee
And my girl is still down like she's fuckin john B
And when I go dumb, I tend to do dumb shit
I just listen back and now I'm sounding like a trumpet
This is for all the strippers cause I know that they gonna bump
it tellem back it up and dump it, back it, back it up and dump it
Ain't no pistols here, yo money will disappear
My accountant will feed his family off my fiscal year
Text brackets and back and forth faxes
My money comin full circle, get up on my axis
Maybe Imma kill 'em, only cause I promised
They think I'm being cocky but I'm only being honest
I'm swallowin the goose, got a model gettin loose, and I never party unless I got some bottles and a booth
I just walk up on the scene, I'm about to take this, I'm just having patience cause I want it to make sense
White cup, orange pop, Tennessee state shit, drop a fo in it and appreciate the greatness...

Yeah, p-p-pass the dro, I am such a beast and you ask them hoes
And they might even say you should leave me alone 
Dont be scared, Cause they just like me
Stuntin' is a habit, get it from my daddy
Just like Shaggy I told that boombastic
I'm a rude bastard, I don't give a fuck bout ya'll
I ain't talkin marbles but you can pluck my balls
And yes I'm falling but up I fall and if ya bitch in heat she can fuck my dog
I went from penny pinchin to private planes
Never sat on any benches, I got in games

Starter carter ball harder, ten girls penthouse suit ya'll order
Whatever ya'll please wine crackers and cheese
They take off their clothes and put on my t's
This supplement im on got me feeling mighty
My gun and money don't split call that shit Siames
My watch make the frickin' time freeze
Yah girl bless me she suck my dick and I sneeze
Cheap ass apartment, just the kitchen I need
And eighteen G's is why the chicken cross the street
Whatchya know about it my niggas so about it
If we kill everybody they can't go to court about it
Weezy I ignore the liars, baby I ignite the fire, I am like a Michael Myers, leave your body in the dryer
Got the shoty on the side of me, my bad boys follow me
Im a bad boy obviously, pop one at your ivy league
I dont have a rivalry if so you will have a casualty,
oops I meant a casualty, oops I meant catastrophy, oops I meant actually
You niggas is just ass to me, and big wet pussy is more like what I'm rathering
Welcome to the gathering, welcome to the burying, or I hang ya on the wall like an art gallery
You got short salary, and I got long money, I got cash money, I got young money...

/ jag vet nt om det här räcker för att förklara hur mkt jag uppskattar
  den här människan, men atleast its a good start... (v) !!
  ( och people i appreciate what i want to appreciate så shhhh...
     and like weezy say it in a milli:
    " I do what I do and you do what you can do about it "  = nuthin ... :)


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